Chris, the founder of Codek Watches, previously worked as the watch buyer for an enthusiast eCommerce website. He sold tens of thousands of watches in the <$1k segment from many familiar brands. While these mainstream brands had solid offerings, Chris found that the best sellers followed the same safe formula with similar design cue; they were all designed to appeal to the broadest audience possible. When you try to satisfy everybody, nobody is left completely satisfied.

Our goal at Codek is to provide compelling designs accessible to the larger enthusiast market. The Spiral may not be for everyone, but it's an option for those who appreciate a watch for reasons beyond being a status symbol or a fashion accessory. 

All of Codek's manufacturing partners work with other major watch brands and are experts in their respective fields. The watches are manufactured and assembled in Switzerland, the straps are made in the USA, and the watches are tested and regulated by an AWCI certified watchmaker in California. Codek is made by watch geeks, for watch geeks.